Enforcement Services

Ensuring that our client's judgments are enforced

What are Enforcement Services?

The question after you get a judgment is always, “now what?”

The process of “enforcement” is what is next.  Enforcement is exactly what it sounds like, enforcing a judgment or an order.

The Landlord and Tenant Board has “Orders”.  These Orders can be enforced in the Small Claims Court and will be treated just like the Judgments we obtain from Small Claims Court.  Either of these can be enforced by one of three ways; examination hearing, garnishment; or seizure and sell.

  • If they are employed, then you have the option of garnishing their wages.
  • If they have a Picasso, then you have the option of seizing and selling the item.
  • If they have a bank account, you can garnish their account.

If you are unsure what their financial situation is, then an Examination Hearing is suggested.  All of these courses of actions can be taxing so let us do it for you!


Let Us Help

We want to make sure that you are maneuvering through the legal process without stress and with ease.  At minimum come and see us for a consultation so we can ensure you are on the right path.  Our consultation is $135 plus HST.  If you decide that you then need representation, we will be more than happy to help and take that journey with you.