Landlord and Tenant Services

We help with residential landlord and tenant matters.

Helping with Landlord and Tenant Matters

Tackling a landlord or tenant problem can be frustrating if you do not know where to begin. The Landlord and Tenant Board assists with tenant and landlord matters.  For Durham Region, the Board is located in Whitby at 590 Rossland Road East.  The legislation that is used to assist is the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.



Renting a property can be very stressful, let alone having tenants who cause more stress by either disturbing other tenants, cause damage, or most commonly do not pay their rent!

The Landlord and Tenant Board can provide Landlords assistance with all of these problems. Each problem has a corresponding notice which can be found on their website  Once the notice is given properly to the tenant, the Landlord can then apply to the Board for whatever they are seeking; from an order for rent arrears to eviction.  These orders are enforceable.

For example, if a tenant has not paid rent, the Landlord should serve the Tenant with a N4 notice.  If after 14 days the Tenant has not paid, the Landlord can file a L1 form to request a hearing to obtain an order for arrears or if need be, eviction.

These procedures are in place to help Landlords enforce their rights.  Often deciding what form should be served on the Tenant can be confusing, let us help you!

Let Us Help

We want to make sure that you are maneuvering through the legal process without stress and with ease.  At minimum come and see us for a consultation so we can ensure you are on the right path.  Our consultation is $135 plus HST.  If you decide that you then need representation, we will be more than happy to help and take that journey with you.