Ramblings of a Paralegal

Random Articles, Thoughts and, of course, Latin Terms

Contra Proferentem

Contra Proferentem Translated, this means against the one bringing forth.  This term is used in "contract law to stipulate that an ambiguous term in a contract shall be interpreted against the interests of the party that insisted upon the term's inclusion. Prevents...

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Ex Parte

This term show up quite often in tribunals and courts. It means “from one party”. It is commonly used when a decision is reached, or case is brought, by or for one party without the other party being present.

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Obiter Dictum

I remember working at a large law firm in downtown Toronto and ran across a student who was the editor of the Obiter Dictum (oh-bee-ter deek-toom) at their law school.

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Inter Partes

Don't you love it when you are self represented and you have presented your case and feeling proud and then the Judge starts speaking and it seems like Latin, it probably is. I heard a Judge the other day use the term inter partes when he was speaking to the courtroom...

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