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Landlord and Tenant Dispute Legal Services

We help with residential landlord and tenant disputes. We can represent you within the Landlord and Tenant Board or provide you the knowledge to be a confident Landlord.


We help our clients through the legal process of Small Claims Court. Need Guidance? Click below to find out how we can help you.

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Collecting your Judgment/Order Legal Services

Have a Judgment from a Court or an Order from a tribunal that you need to enforce?  Click below to view our legal services in detail!


Knowledge will give you confidence when making decisions.  This often leads to efficiency and profitability.

Bellum is latin for war.

war (wôr)

a. A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.
b. The period of such conflict.

Need Help With Legal Advice?

Be sure to reach out to us for legal services

We have used Bellum Legal for a few legal items. Not only does Suzanne take care of business in a professional manner, she is quite knowledgeable in her trade. We are lucky to have found Suzanne.

- Aaron Topple

I found this course very informational and definitely well put together/organized.  It will be very helpful in creating a lease as it includes the important and specific details to include in your lease!

- Emma (Standard Lease Course)

The Ontario Standard Lease course is a clear and thorough walk-through suitable for all Ontario landlords or real estate professionals. As an investor and property manager, I make it my business to be well informed so I can best protect both my personal and clients' properties. This course really delivers, and is worth at least 10 times the cost!

  Natasha Cultraro, Investors Choice Management Inc

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