Collecting ON A Judgment/Order

We can represent in the Court or just give you guidance by way of a consultation. 

The process of “enforcement” is what is next. Enforcement is exactly what it sounds like, enforcing a judgment or an order.

The Landlord and Tenant Board has “Orders”. These Orders can be enforced in the Small Claims Court and will be treated just like the Judgments we obtain from Small Claims Court. Either of these can be enforced by one of these ways:

  • If the Debtor is employed, then you have the option of garnishing their wages. 
  • If the Debtor has a Picasso, then you have the option of seizing and selling the item. 
  • If the Debtor has a bank account, you can garnish their account.
  • If you are unsure what their financial situation is, then an Examination Hearing is suggested.
    All of these courses of actions can be taxing so let us do it for you!

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