Small Claims Disputes

If it is representation in the Court or just guidance done by consultation. We can help you on both spectrums of the help you need.

If you are the person bringing the claim, you are called the Plaintiff.

If you have been served with a Claim, you are the Defendant.

If you are the person bringing the Claim against someone, you are the Plaintiff.

If you are the person the Claim has been brought against, you are the Defendant.

Small Claims cannot exceed $35,000.00 in a monetary claim.

Litigation can be a stressful and complicated process. In some cases it makes sense to have a paralegal fully represent you to ease that stress. In some cases, it just isn’t in the cards to retain a paralegal. If this is the case, at minimum reach out for a consultation so we can ensure you are on the right path. If the Claim amount is on the less amount of the possible spectrum, heading over to our E-Learning page might be more practical.

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