I have now decided that I am going to branch off into the real estate aspect of being a paralegal. I love anything to do with land, development and real estate and have been researching the Environment and Land Tribunals. I thought I would write a blog on this topic and this is for anyone who owns a house out there!

I, at one point in my life, was the Whitby Sales Representative for PropertyGuys.com. I worked with Ken Malyon, one of my favorite bosses. One of the things I had training on was AboutMyProperty™ by MPAC.   I used this tool to help my clients sell their home so they could learn about the market around them.

The website is https://www.mpac.ca/ProductsServices/AMP

On this site you can log in using your Assessment Roll Number and your Access Key (you will find it on your tax bill). You can learn information about your property including assessment information, recent sales information in your area and structural information for your property.

It is set up so that you have access to free reports. You can get details up to 24 properties which will include the property address, year built, square feet, lot size, number of stories, current assessed value, and if it had sold recently, the actual price it sold for (not the listing price).

This information is all free and is great if you are worried that your home has been assessed inaccurately and you are paying the wrong amount of property tax. There is so many more other tools with this site I have not mentioned, so….

Check it out and learn!