Electronics and I have a special relationship.  They have a tendency to not work correctly and I have a tendency to drop them and last night was no different.  Last night I went to make a phone call and I dropped my phone on the tile floor in the kitchen.  I know, “did you have a protective case on it?  That would have helped you know”, yes, I know!  But I did not.  I had taken it off because my phone was getting hot and freezing so I thought it was a good idea to take it off and it was actually helping….until I dropped it.

My boyfriend came over and said, “how much more do you have on your contract?”  I answered that it should be up soon and he responded, “you have been saying that for a long time”.


I knew I had about a year to go but I don’t find it professional walking around with a cracked phone although it still worked fine.

So, this morning I logged on to find out that my device balance was a BIG $0!

Turns out that June 3rd was Cell Phone Freedom Day and if you were in a three year contract and you were past the two year mark you are no longer in a contract!

I love Cell Phone Freedom Day and I also love my brand new Samsung Galaxy 5.

p.s. my boyfriend is able to get a new phone now too – thanks to me dropping mine!